Sunday, October 15, 2006

I was recently introduced to to a niche that has me so excited,
I just couldn't wait to tell you about it!

Utilizing Public Domain Products!

I'm sure you already know how profitable Digital Info Products are.
It's the best possible kind of business!

Selling information products online, means almost pure profit,
because of the low cost of creating and marketing the products and you need your own unique product, rather than trying to market other people's, so you can brand your name or business.

But what if this is something you don't feel able to do?

In the last few years more and more people have been discovering the potential of public domain products. This is one way to have your own unique product to market,
without having to write it yourself.

The term, “Public domain”, refers to books or other creative works like music, paintings,
movies and photography, whose copyright has expired, or which were never subject to
copyright in the first place.

As they are not copyright protected, you are free to copy them and use them in any way you wish, including re-selling them for profit.

Where can you find Public Domain Products?

There are lots of public domain repositories online, the best known being Project Gutenberg.

You can also find them on eBay – go to “Books”, then “Antiquarian and collectible”,
then choosing dates before 1923. Surprisingly, many of these sellers don't know the
value of what they are selling, so it is quite possible to resell them at a profit.

Of course, if you find a product from any of these sources, it is essential to perform a copyright search to ensure it really is in the public domain.

You are reasonably safe with products published in USA before 1923,
but US copyright law is extremely complicated, and you are better safe than sorry.

You can hire an attorney to do the search for you, or a cheaper option is to make direct contact with the Copyright Office in Washington DC.

Once you have found a product you are certain is in the public domain,
first of all make changes to it and copyright it yourself!

This way nobody else will be able to use it. For instance, in the case of a book, change
the title, add illustrations, update out-of-date spellings and grammar.

Then either photocopy the book and give it a spiral binding, or scan the pages to text format and flow back into a Word document, to sell in printed or digital form using pdf.

So how can you make money using Public Domain Products?

Many people have made an excellent living selling them on eBay,
even if they bought them there in the first place!

One person sells many copies, each month, of CDs of Victorian knitting, crochet and craftwork patterns, which she first found on eBay!

Another found an illustrated dog book from 1880, covering lots of different breeds, and republished each breed section separately. This has proved an extremely popular seller on eBay.

There are many kinds of books where you can do the same!

Don't forget that “public domain” doesn't just include books. One person found an old photograph from 1880 which she re-created as a print, a poster, a fridge magnet and
other products to sell on eBay. Another created a range of jewelry out of illustrations from an early geographical magazine. And there are music sites from which you can download public domain music to put on CD or MP3!

Once you realize the potential of the public domain, you won't know where to start!

But I DO!!

To learn more and check out a couple screen-shots of the software, visit:

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